Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers.


Questions about textiles , properties and quantities

1 fabrics in general

1.1 Which fabrics do you offer?
You can find an overview of our fabrics at our fabrics-page.

1.2 Can I provide my own fabric for printing? 
Yes, but this is only possible for large orders (over 5000 meters).

1.3 Are there minimum quantities for an order? 
Yes, we are starting at 50 meters per product quality. Of course different designs can be printed within the 50 meters. If you need less, you can place your order at the Stoff-Schmie.de, there your order will be collected together with others and can then be printed as a whole job. In this case all transactions are managed by "Stoff-Schmiede". Please note, that we can not answer any questions regarding "Stoff-schmie.de"-orders, so please contact our partner company directly.

1.4 How wide is the printing width on the materials?
This depends on each single fabric since textiles production has always some fluctuations. Information about minimum and maximum print-width for our fabrics can be found here. We therefore recommend you to use the minimum printingwidth for your designs. This is especially important for finished patterns.

1.5 Do you also send samples of your fabric qualities?
Sure. Simply visit our fabrics-page to get an overview of our fabrics. There you can select the samples you want. Afterwards please use our contact-form to order your samples free of charge.

Information about file formats and uploads

2 file formats

2.1 How have the files to be created?
Please create your files in original size (scale 1:1). The minimum resolution should be 150dpi. A resolution higher than 300dpi is not visible on the final print, so 300dpi should be fine for maximum resolution. We do not have limitations for the filesize but the smaller the file, the better's the handling.

2.2 Which file formats are supported?
You can send us any raster image files in RGB- and LAB- colorspace. We cannot guarantee for the look of CMYK-files, but they are also printable. Supported Filetypes are: JPG, PDF, TIF. Please do not use vector files and also reduce all files to one layer. If you use font layers, please rasterize them. Note, that we cannot guarantee for embedded color-profiles. You'll receive the best results, if you're using the sRGB-colorspace.

2.3 How can I transfer my files?
You can send us your data directly here. Please ask your sales contact for the username and password. If you want to, you also can send us a USB-stick, DVD, or similar; But please note, that we can't send back all storage in any case.  

2.4 Can I use my own file-sharing service like Dropbox?
Of course you can use services like DropBox, Google Drive, Skydrive, WeTransfer, UsendIT, etc. But in this case please always use a public link to your data. If a registration is neccessary to download your files we won't do it because of our company policies. Please contact us, if you need to have an FTP-account.

Questions about the look and color of the prints

3 print results

3.1 Do you offer a proof print on fabrics or paper?
Usually no. But starting at 100m-orders maybe a sample print on fabric is possible. It's also possible to make a paper-printout of your design, this will be quite good but never as correct as the final result on fabric. Please get in touch if you have a special demand and we will do our best to help you. 
3.2 How will my designs and colors look like on the final fabric print?
For a color-correct print we cannot guarantee for several reasons. Regarding to the final usage of your prints some fabrics are might not be the best choice. You can have a quick look for the fabrics and their features on the fabrics page. Our team will be pleased to help you making the right choice for your individual project. But don't worry, our print result exceeds our customers' expectations in almost every case.

price information and delivery details

4 prices and delivery

4.1 How much is the print?
The costs are graded according to the order quantity, please contact our sales team.

4.2 How can I pay?
For new customers, we are working by prepayment for the first orders. Finally you get your goods, a final invoice which contains the actual printed volumes incl. shipping costs will be created. The final amount has to be payed after receiving the goods. Please note that we only start the production when the payment was credited to our account. 

4.3 How long does it take to receive my final printed material??

Please allow a delivery time of one week minimum. Usually it takes about two weeks to max. three weeks before you receive your order.

4.4 How can I get my order faster? 
We treat all requests equally and as quickly as possible. But we can accelerate at least the shipping time by using express delivery (for extra charge).

4.5 How much are the shipping costs? That depends on the weight of the goods to be shipped and the deadlines. We calculate every shipping directly to you.

4.6 Who will deliver my parcel / shipment?
We deliver packages and smaller shipments with UPS. Larger shipments will be send by freight carrier. In this case, they are forwarding all transport costs directly to you via invoice.

4.7 Where do you send?
We deliver in the whole of the EU and Switzerland. Please note increased costs for shipments to Switzerland (see next item).

4.8 Are there any duties or surcharges? Within the EU, typically there are no customs duties. When shipping to Switzerland, the customs authority shall determine the amount of costs. Maybe the post office keeps your shipment as long as you pay the fees in full. 

Questions about fabrics and the manufacturing process

5 manufacturing process

5.1 Do you only print or do you also assemble?
We print exclusively by the meter and do not make any cuts or sewing.

5.2 Will the material discolor or warp when washing?
Thanks to our special manufacturing process our printed fabric leaves our house ready washed and equipped. The colors of our substance will stay true even after numerous washes. The residual shrinkage is far below commercial standards. The prerequisite for this will be that each item will be handled correctly. You can receive detailed (care) information about our products on demand.

5.3 Are your inks or extremely toxic pollutant?
No, our reactive inks are non-toxic and the raw materials used, meet all the Oeko-Tex 100 or GOTS standards. The color and wash properties are all located at top levels. 

5.4 Are your fabrics compliant with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100?
Yes, we are certified for the OEKO-tex Standard 100 in all areas and for all of our fabric qualities.

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